Key qualifications

  • Sustainability data specialist with > 25 years of experience in 25 countries.
  • Worked for UNDP, KPMG Sustainability, EcoSecurities/JP Morgan, credit360.
  • Languages: Dutch (mother tongue), English, French, Spanish, Swahili.
  • Expertise: environmental monitoring & auditing, climate change, data mining.


  • B.Sc. Tropical agriculture, IAC Larenstein, Netherlands, 1988.
  • M.Sc. Environmental management, Wye College / University of London, UK, 1999.
  • Ph.D. candidate Environmental management, University of Nairobi / Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environment, started 2017.


Data analysis

  • Automated data validation for large-scale datasets of multinationals (Linde, Vestas, IMI, Philips, DSM).
  • Data extraction from thousands of PDF files (Dutch Railways), hundreds of Excel sheets (AB Inbev), and automated analysis thereof.
  • Text mining of thousands of free-text incident descriptions in order to find incidents with high injury potential (Vestas).
  • Detection of over- and underreporting of incidents (Philips).
  • Personas for multidimensional datasets from surveys of the World Bank global Findex database (Research Solutions Africa/Dalberg).
  • Forecasting of energy use of Hyatt Hotels worldwide.
  • Customer analytics for educational technology startup (Arifu, Nairobi). Survival analysis, sequence analysis, visualization/dashboards, timeseries analysis, automated reporting.

Climate change

  • Design of greenhouse gas monitoring inventory systems for: Qatargas, Rabobank, Alstom, NUON, Philips.
  • Emissions Trading : verification of 26 participants in CO2 emissions trading.
  • Clean Development Mechanism : design/implementation of monitoring protocols and training in the implementation thereof in (amongst others) sectors chemicals, waste, energy, mining. Consultant for the Court of Audit of the Netherlands.
  • Quality assurance and control for +/- 3 million tonnes of emission reductions per year for projects in China, Central America, Middle East.


  • Transport: KLM, Schiphol Airport, DAF Trucks.
  • Oil & Gas: Statoil, Shell, Maersk Oil, Gaz de France, Vermillion, Total.
  • Chemicals: Sabic, Linde, ICL, DSM.
  • Food & Beverages: AB Inbev, Heineken, Cargill.
  • Other sectors: Philips (electronics), Royal Dutch Navy (defense).

Water management

  • Water management specialist for UNDP. Design of irrigation structures, anti-erosion measures and drinking water supply (Tanzania).
  • Soil and groundwater remediation on urban and industrial sites (Netherlands, Hungary).
  • Consultant for IFC WRG2030 Kenya Industrial Water Alliance.


  • Program management for sustainability projects in Madagascar for UNCDF (portfolio size 10 M USD).
  • Sustainability chapter for The Bid, the Netherlands/Belgium bid for the 2018 / 2022 UEFA World Championship Soccer (waste, transport, construction works, water & energy use of 3.4 million visitors) (PwC).
  • Assessment of possible fraud in certified cocoa in Ivory Coast (KPMG).


Environmental criminology

  • Crime mapping (hotspots & time series analysis)
  • Practical applications of Routine Activity Theory in prevention of poaching (journey to crime, crime scripts, awareness space, preventive policing)

Data & programming

  • R programming language
  • Bayesian networks
  • Theory of Search
  • Machine Learning, data analysis & visualization
  • Agent Based Modelling
  • Network analysis, sequence analysis, time series analysis

Monitoring systems

  • Development, implementation and effectiveness of monitoring systems.
  • Automated auditing of sustainability data